A revolutionary eco-construction solution 革命性的绿色建筑方案

There is an urgent need to address the great challenges of our times: energy over-consumption, resource depletion and environmental deterioration. It is our responsibility, as a builder and an eco-construction specialist, to search for and to create sustainable building solutions as well as to propose various possibilities of reducing the environmental impacts.

We know you care about the environment, but there are also lingering concerns that are holding you back. That’s why Everise are here to introduce you the comprehensive yet affordable nano-tech building solutions, which is also way beyond eco-friendly! In addition to limiting the negative impacts of construction on environment, by harnessing the power of nano-technology, we can help to address various challenges in construction, ranging from performance to safety and technical issues.

We hope to realise the truly transformational potential of nano-materials to integrate energy savings, conserve the environment and at the same time improve the well-being of humans.


我们这一代面对着刻不容缓的环境问题,包括过度的能源使用、过度的资源开发和环境急速恶化。 而作为绿色建筑科技的专家,我们有责任为地球及我们人类的未来努力,致力研究及寻求可持续发展的建筑物料及科技,以提供不同方案减低建筑物对环境的负面影响。

保护环境是大家共同的理想,但一般而言,绿色建筑跟成本及效益总存在着令人对却步的矛盾。 有见及此,恒昇科技专诚为您介绍全面、价格合理而高效的纳米建筑科技为目标;并且除了致力减低建筑物对环境的负面影响外,亦希望以最新的纳米技术为您解决各种建筑常见的问题,包括效能、安全及建筑技术等。恒昇科技的目标是把纳米建筑科技强大的效能带进社会,保护环境、帮助节约能源,同时提升人类的生活质素。


WHAT WE DO 我们的工作

Established in 2010, Everise is one of the pioneers in the application of nano-materials in construction industry. We specialise in the provision novel construction materials that demonstrate significant advantages over the conventional ones. We offer a broad range of versatile eco-construction services, including eco-materials application, building restoration consultation, nano-material supply and product implementation.

A building does not have to be new to be efficient. That’s why we designed our products to be perfect for both newly-built and building retrofit projects. We can help you to elevate the performance of the building and significantly reduce not just energy costs but also subsequence maintenance and renewal costs.

Our focus is to give you a comprehensive assistance from professionals. We are here to help you get your project done!

恒昇科技成立于2010年,短时间内已成为亚洲其中一个纳米建筑科技及物料的专家。 我们专研崭新的纳米建筑物料,以填补传统建材在环保上及效能上的不足。 我们更提供一系列多源化的绿色建筑服务,范围包括绿色建材的应用、建筑物保育的咨询、纳米建材销售等。在提升建筑物效能的同时,我们亦致力提供有效能节省能源的绿色建筑方案,希望能减少后续的保修费用。环保,同时合乎经济效益。




We shoulder the responsibility to promote high quality, eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction technology, products and materials to builders, consultants, developers and landlords in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China, to make is a better, greener place to live in.



Everise operates in association with Norway ECOBETON (embed link: www.ecobeton.com) as the official distributor in the Asian market.

Ecobeton is a leading international technological company that provides eco-friendly systems and solutions to the construction industry for quality products such as concrete, plaster, brick and wood. It specializes particularly in the field of waterproofing treatments for concrete structures and cementitious overlay for repairs and decorative design.

恒昇科技是挪威环保建筑专家 ECOEBTON 于亚洲的合法经销商。